Principles of an effective logo design

How to create an effective logo design ?So, how you can create an effective logo design? Here are some tips that you can try!“Know what your logo means. All logo have their own stories and meaning.”  1. Consider the placement of the logoWhen you are creating a new logo or re-designing an already existing logo, do not forget about how the logo will be used and where it will be placed late.There is no specific place for displaying your logo. Keep in mind that your site is not the only place where your logo will appear. You may use it on a poster, newspaper ads, business card, or on social media ads. Think about how your logo will appear in both offline and online media.2. Make it simpleIt is important to keep your logo design as simple as possible and don’t design a logo which is complicated and a logo which does not convey a clear view of its business. If you put too many elements in your logo design, it will be hard for customers to focus on your logo and they may unable to recognize your brand right away. After all, a logo supposed to be a representation of your brand, not overcome it. So it will be the best to make them visually attractive yet simple and clean at the same time.3. It should appeal to different kind of audiencesA logo  should be easily adaptable and flexible so it can help you for the long run. That is mean, your logo should be dynamic, not static. A rigid logo design will make no room for improvement later, which you may need in the future. I do not say you need to change the design of your logo every single week. At least make sure your logo has a flexible approach and it has no expiry among the customers.4. Be creative Your logo should create an unique identity and should imitate any othe company’s logo. This is the most common advice for logo design tips, but people rarely followed it. If you want your brand and your products to be easily recognizable, be unique! Do not create a copy of other design5. Understand your brandThe logo is an introduction to your brand. Your logo should be able to reach a specific audience. Make a point of what you think about your brand, and do your research. Before you set out to design your logo, make sure that you have some insight of the brand. Find out the nature of your businessWhat is the image of your brand? Is it serious or fun?What your brand’s aspiration and what do your customers care about?Do not only focus on the latest design trend, stay true to your brand’s personality too.6. Update it The environment we live in is not static .Business is dynamic and the design which represents it also needs an updation.Even the most flexible logo design cannot stay forever and need to be updated over time. If you want to always stay up to date, it is important to do a little tweaking to your logo design. A number of changes will depend on whether your logo is able to bring more success into your business or not. If yes, then it probably not the best choice to do a total makeover from your old design. A simple remake or even just a change with the font color can make your logo more fittings with time.7. Pay attention to color Color defines everything such as nature of the business what a design conveys…If you want the logo to show your brand’s personality, you need to consider every single aspect of the image. Strong and bright colors may able to grab people’s attention, but some people simply prefer colors with the soft tone.