General facts about logos

General Facts33% of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logo2. 80% increase in brand recognition with a colored logo designIn 1957, two most popular fonts for logo, Helvetica and Univers were created.2 fonts in logo designs is advised for designers to use.2 – 3 colors are generally used to create brand logo designs10 – 20 principles of design in total exist when it comes to designing a logo.It’s advised to test a logo on the recommended scales between 10 – 100 percent.Levi’s first used its logo design in 1886 as a way to grow its market share.The 1977 Apple logo was multicolored to sell that Macs had colored screens.It was in 2000, Google hired illustrators to redesign its logo for holidays and events.Logo LawsuitsIn 2010, a case was filed against Nike’s logo stating it resembles the 1957 logo of cigarette brand Newport.$5 million lawsuit was filed against singer Cher for copying designer Moshik Nadav’s logo typography in 2017.6,000 pounds lawsuit was filed by Starbucks against a local coffee stall in Bangkok that copied the brand’s logo.In 2008, Victoria School of Business and Technology was sued by Apple for using the icon of an apple in its logo.