The most basic typography-rules for Logo Design

Designing a logo very carefully is very important as it is the front face of the brand. There are so many things one has to keep in mind while creating a logo for the brand. The logo should deliver its meaning properly so that it can help in brand awareness and deliver its right meaning. We have listed some important typography rules one should keep in mind while creating a logo.

Typography is a very important component, while creating a logo. Your logo should convey multiple meanings in a single word. So, a logo designer needs to have at least some details about the logo they are creating. This post contains all the important points you have to keep in mind before creating the logo.

Know the basics about typography

It is very important to know the basic details about the company or the product for which you are creating the logo. If you don’t know anything about the product then how could you imagine the correct logo for the product. You should have a little bit of knowledge about the product. 

Good knowledge about Fonts

You must do some research about the fonts before creating a logo. You should use the font according to the audience. It is not a great idea of creating a logo in a Russian looking font while creating the logo for the English customers


Colors play an important role in our lives as well as in logo designing. Color psychology is very important to know before creating a logo. Your logo will be an iconic view of your company and it mustn’t deliver the wrong message.


Kerning means the spacing between the letters. The logo will consume a very small place on the website or the product and you should utilize the whole space smartly. No need to leave a useless white space as it may look bad.

Font limit is 3

You should not use multiple fonts. It will be better to use only 2 or 3 fonts. You are making a logo, not a rainbow. Although you can also use more than 3 fonts if they are looking good else not recommended.

Alignment must be accurate

Your words should be aligned accurately. They will only look great if you align them carefully. The unaligned text will not be encouraged by the customers. 

Grids are important

It is important to create a logo using a grid. Most of the companies have limited space for the logo. If you will create a logo that will not match their grid, then the end-user will not like it very much.


The readability of the logo is very important so that it can deliver its meaning. If the logo is not readable how could one understand its meaning? If you will keep all the above-written points in mind you will not face any readability issues later.

Avoid stretches

Please avoid stretching your fonts. They look too bad and decrease your readability. Font stretching will also decrease its value. You can choose tall or wide fonts instead of stretching them. 

The right tool is important

All these details are important, but the most important thing will be the platform. You have to choose the platform wisely where you are creating the logo. There are different online platforms, one can use to create a logo. Few famous platforms are Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Designhill, etc.

Get some help

After creating a logo, it will be better for you if you will take some help from the other designer. You just have to ask your co-designer about the design, whether they like it or not. They can assist you or tell you where your logos are lacking.


It is very easy to conclude that logo making is not a very tough job if you are a beginner. You only have to keep a few details and points in mind and you are good to go. There are different tools one can use to create a logo. Few of them are also AI-powered which will help the beginners to create a stunning logo out of the scrape.

Your logo must be meaningful, attractive, and good looking. So that it can deliver its right meaning and attract the relevant audience. Color psychology is also very important while creating a logo. I hope you like this post. Please do like us on the different social platforms. Help us by sharing this article so that we can bring more useful content to you.