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Learn Logo Design for FREE: In ancient times humans use symbols outside their shops, pubs, and other outlets symbolize what they are selling. Most of the shops have symbols outside so that more and more people get attracted to their shop and they can make more profit. This strategy works very well and then the field of logo design evolved.

The very first modern logo was designed in the early 1900s. In ancient times there are very few people who are literate and to sell a product to illiterate people you have to convey your message to them. Graphics are the best way to explain your thoughts to those people so that marketers use symbols to deliver their message. 

Logo designing is a very vast field. Every company or organization has its logo, which acts as their symbol and iconic representation. If you want to become a Logo designer you have to keep some points in your mind. I will guide you with those points using this guide which is How to learn logo design for free.

Study about graphics to learn logo design

The first and the most important thing before starting anything is you should know about that thing. If you don’t know anything about Logo designing how could you design a perfect logo for your clients? You should read books related to Logo designing. Self-study is better than joining graphic schools. 

You should learn and practice on your own before approaching the clients. You can also opt for some graphic designing schools, but it is a more costly and time-consuming process. There are so many people in the industry who have completed their degree in graphic designing but still, they cannot make good designs


After completing your learning, don’t think that you are ready to do the logo designing. You just have completed the first phase of the learning. Whenever you have a client, be polite with them and listen carefully to what they are saying. Work with the clients, not for them. It means you have to show them that you are a professional so that they can trust you with their logo designing work.

Now you have to research very carefully about the business and the user requirements. In most of the scenarios, users don’t have so much knowledge about logo designing so that this research will help you to draw the perfect logo for the business.

Use pen and paper

Before creating a logo, you should draw your idea on paper. You can also ask your client or the co-designers about the additions you can do with the logo. It will save you time and money also. You have to tell your client that it is just a blueprint and the result will be fabulous.

Choose software wisely

After the client’s approval, it’s time to start some real work. You have to choose the correct and the best platform to design the logo. There are so many free software’s but they offer very less flexibility and features. If you are looking for logo designing as a carrier, then the best thing you can do is to buy some paid tools like Adobe Illustrator or the Canva.

They are a very famous and useful tool and most of the designers use this tool for logo designing. For beginners, Designhill will also be a great choice, although you cannot customize your logo in Designhill as you can do in Canva or Adobe. Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard tool so it will be better for you that you will go with adobe. Canva is also very good and cheaper than Illustrator.


One should have very good knowledge about the fonts. Fonts will help you by making your logo more beautiful. It is important to keep in mind that you should not use more than 3 colors in the logo. Try to keep your logo more simple, futuristic, and relevant to the industry.

Grids and kerning:

As a designer, you also have to keep an eye on the kerning. You have to use every small space carefully. There are different sites where you can get free fonts else you can also buy. It is not recommended to buy fonts when you can get them for free.

It is important to keep your design according to the grid. If you will create a design that will not match the user requirement or will not fit according to the user product then that design will be of no use for the business owner and it is also possible that he will not accept that.

Manage your client

You have to manage your client carefully. It will be better if you can complete their work quickly. If it is complex to complete quickly you have to keep your client updated about the work progress. You can also bargain the cost of the logo if it is tough to implement their idea. You should complete your task in the given period. Exceeding the given time will create a bad impression on the client as well as on your ratings also.

Learn logo design from professionals

If you are not getting any clients or you are just a beginner. It is better to work under some professionals for some time. You can learn a lot more than a professional as compared to your graphic school degree or from your research. Experienced professionals will guide you on every point and also help you if you get stuck.

Professionals can also teach you the magic of client handling and managing which is a very important skill as a logo designer. When you can work alone, you can start your own logo design business.

Present your design

After the completion of the design, you should show that design to some similar field experts. Try to understand their thoughts and also implement them if possible. The last task you have to do is to show that logo to your client and get their feedback. If he suggests any changes you can do them and submit your work.

Client feedback

Client feedback is always very important. Try to know your client’s thoughts about working with you. If it is good you can use that as a testimonial. If it is not good don’t get offended. Try to understand why he has given you this type of feedback and try to overcome that problem. If you will keep your client happy, he may recommend you to someone else also.

Prepare design file

It is very important to create a file where you keep all your design. Whenever you got a new client you can impress that client by showing that file to them. It will help you to easily gain the trust of your client and you can convert more and more leads easily. 

It will also help you to create your portfolio. The bigger and better portfolio you have, the more chances of getting hired you have.

Keep learning

Learning is a continuous process. You cannot stop learning until you are alive. Similarly, if you are in the field of Logo designing, you have to keep learning. You have to learn from your client’s feedback, from your co-designers, and the most important from your bad experiences.

It is very tough to get the leads at the start of the business because you are not well known neither you have a portfolio nor you have a rating. It is always tough to generate your first client, but it is not impossible.


Logo design is a very famous and vast industry. There are a lot of opportunities and competition in this field. If you are good with your designing no one can stop you and you will face very less competition. While working in a business-like Logo designing it is also possible sometimes that you will not get any lead. But, when you start working properly and people start knowing you, leads will not be an issue for you. 

You can also charge more when you are getting so many leads or hire someone to work for you. You can also use different freelancing networks to get your first client and if that client will like your work, you can use their thoughts as testimonials. 

I hope this guide will help you with your logo designing business. Start learning from today for the better tomorrow. If you have any questions about the logo designing you can ask us via commenting below. Follow us on the different social media accounts.