How to patent a logo in 2021

The logo will be any image, icon, design, or combination of words which is representing your product. The logo will attract so many customers via its unique design. You can use this guide to get the right idea about how to trademark a logo and who needs to trademark it. Please note: You can trademark your logo, you cannot patent a logo. You will find out why, in the following.

How to patent your logo?

This is one of the most asked questions. But it is a wrong question. You can only patent something which you have created, but in reality, you will hire a logo designer for creating a logo. So, what to do now? Don’t worry about it, I am here to help you with that.

You cannot patent a logo, but you can trademark it. Trademarking a logo means you can use it anywhere where you want and no one else can use it without your permission. If someone is doing so, you can file a legal complaint against them. It will protect your dignity and privacy of the company, otherwise, anyone can sell anything using your logo. If the product will show any fault, your brand name will be dishonored.

Who has to register a patent?

Now, this is a correct question. To patent their logo, one has to follow some steps and they can easily patent their logo in a very short time. You could only patent your logo when you have a large-scale company as your company must have a good reach so that you could easily get your logo patent.

Step 1:

To patent your logo, you should have a logo. You have to hire a good logo designer which will create a great logo for your company. It should deliver its meaning correctly so that it will be beneficial for your brand, company, or organization.

Step 2:

Search for similar logos on your field. It may be possible that there are so many similar logos on the market. It will be better to have a unique logo. Please check whether some company has already patented the same or a similar logo. In that case, it may also be possible that you will not get your logo patented.

For this purpose, it is better to take some help from professionals. You can also hire a company or firm for this purpose. 

Step 3:

Find out the logo trademarking authority of your country. If you are from America you can register on or if you are from India you can register your logo on Most of the countries have their website for getting your intellectual property registered. Download the application form if it involves an offline method else fills it as directed.

You can find out just by googling “trademarking authority of {your country name}”. Example: “trademarking authority of America”. 

Step 4:

Submit your application form with the fees requested by the authority. This fee varies from country to country and also according to the class of the logo and product. Please thoroughly check your application before submitting, else you may face some issues later on and few authorities also have no refund policy.

What happens after logo patent application submission?

Getting a patent for your logo is a lengthy process. After form submission, you have to wait for the response of the authorities. This wait may vary between 7 to 45 days according to the country. You will be notified by the authority after the process completes. There may be two responses from the authority:

They will congratulate you and for getting your application approved. Now you can use this logo wherever you want to use it. You can use ® this registered trademark logo. It will tell others that your logo is the registered one and no one can use it without your permission. You are also eligible to take action on the people or a company who use your logo without your permission.

The second action authorities take against you will be that they will reject your application or call for an office action. You can also ask them for the reason and try to overcome that reason. 

Conclusion to patenting/trademarking your logo

Trademarking a logo will not be a tough task. Anyone can register their logo. You just have to research for a similar logo and then you have to apply to the trademarking authority. You just have a good audience reach. You can follow the above steps to register your logo. You can also take the help of the Lawyer for the whole process. I hope this guide will help you. Check out our other blogs for more interesting blogs.