How to patent a logo in 2021

patent a logo

The logo will be any image, icon, design, or combination of words which is representing your product. The logo will attract so many customers via its unique design. You can use this guide to get the right idea about how to trademark a logo and who needs to trademark it. Please note: You can trademark … Read more

Learn Logo Design for FREE

Learn Logo Design for FREE: In ancient times humans use symbols outside their shops, pubs, and other outlets symbolize what they are selling. Most of the shops have symbols outside so that more and more people get attracted to their shop and they can make more profit. This strategy works very well and then the … Read more

The most basic typography-rules for Logo Design

Designing a logo very carefully is very important as it is the front face of the brand. There are so many things one has to keep in mind while creating a logo for the brand. The logo should deliver its meaning properly so that it can help in brand awareness and deliver its right meaning. … Read more

The Most Famous Brand Logos

Which brand logo you love the most? Do you know any other detail about that logo and the company? If not, we will tell you about some very famous brands and their logos in detail. It is very important to know first of all what a logo is. Logos help brands to show unique identity … Read more