How to patent a logo in 2021

patent a logo

The logo will be any image, icon, design, or combination of words which is representing your product. The logo will attract so many customers via its unique design. You can use this guide to get the right idea about how to trademark a logo and who needs to trademark it. Please note: You can trademark … Read more

How much to charge for logo design in 2021

The logo designing industry is one of the fastest-growing industries of today’s world. This industry has a market size of about 12 billion dollars. This Covid-19 pandemic has also affected this industry. This is a very vast industry. Every company wants its iconic or symbolic representation which is known as a logo. It creates emotional … Read more

Why color and typography has impact for your logos

While colors gets all the consideration and commendation , typography is similarly as critical to a brand. individuals gave “great typography” will be more joyful and more drew in than individuals gave “terrible typography.” Text style type, text dimension, complexity and dispersing are all piece of a sensitive exercise in careful control that, when done right (related … Read more