How much to charge for logo design in 2021

The logo designing industry is one of the fastest-growing industries of today’s world. This industry has a market size of about 12 billion dollars. This Covid-19 pandemic has also affected this industry. This is a very vast industry. Every company wants its iconic or symbolic representation which is known as a logo. It creates emotional attachment and attracts more and more customers. 

There are so many logo designers in the industry and hence the price varies. If you wanted to know how much one can charge for logo designing then continue scrolling this post. The price of the logo designing differs according to geographic reason and the experience of the designer.

If the designer is a beginner, he may charge 0 to 20$ which is not very much for a company or organization. It is not very much for individuals also. But it would never be recommended to hire some beginner for your logo designing. It may also be possible that he will work for free, or just to build his resume or for the free review.

Average pricing for logo designs

Let us compare the average pricing according to the seniority and experience of the designer. If you have hired a beginner, he may charge you from 0-20$. If your designer has experience of about 0 to 2 years, then it means he has good knowledge now. He may charge you between 20$ to 150 $. This price may also increase, according to the complexity of the logo which we will discuss later on.

If the logo designer is more experienced and has experience of about 5+ years than he has created at least 50 logos in his whole career which is not a small number. Mid-level designer or senior level designer will charge you up to 1500$. The price will also increase, according to the time and workload. 

The above pricing is for single designers which work alone. You can also contact different types of agencies for logo designing. Although it is always recommended to hire an individual designer for logo designing if you have a small budget.

No Budget:

If you don’t have any budget for logo designing. Then no need to worry. You can also create a logo on your own. You just need to learn some tools. You can easily find tutorials for these tools on the internet. Many tools are also paid, but you can use free tools for startups and small industries. 

Reasonable price: 

If you want to know the correct pricing you have to pay for logo designing, then the budget of $ 100 will be more than enough. Although it is really hard to find some super expert in this price range this price is enough if you have a simple logo designing in your mind. It is always recommended to share what is in your mind for the logo design, but does not influence the designer with your idea. Just tell them, if it is a great idea in the designer’s eyes, he will implement it.

Intermediate designs:

If you want a complex design for your logo then you have to increase your budget. Sophisticated logos look so cool and also attract a lot of customers, but you have to pay 2 to 4 times more than you are going to pay for a simple logo design.

It is also a very tough job to use these logos on the print media if you have a colour printing limit, then it is also sometimes impossible. For online media, it will be a great choice. Intermediate designs will cost you 400 to 700 $. This is a very good budget for intermediate logo design.

Complex logo for your business

If you have a full-fledged business which you want to expand then it is a great idea to invest about 1000 $ for complex logo design. At this price, you can easily hire some highly experienced experts in the field. A powerful and creative logo is always beneficial for the company. One can also patent that logo so that no one can copy that without your permission.


It is concluded that there are a variety of options for hiring a logo designer. It depends upon your budget and needs. You can also create a logo on your own, although it is going to be a very long process for you. Investing in a logo will always be a great idea for an individual, company, or organization.