How much to charge for logo design in 2021

The logo designing industry is one of the fastest-growing industries of today’s world. This industry has a market size of about 12 billion dollars. This Covid-19 pandemic has also affected this industry. This is a very vast industry. Every company wants its iconic or symbolic representation which is known as a logo. It creates emotional … Read more

How to animate a logo

animate a logo

Every brand is working day and night on making their products better than the other. They use different methods and tactics to attract more and more customers. Companies invest a lot of money every day in marketing. So, you can also take your brand one step forward just by creating an animated logo for your … Read more

The most basic typography-rules for Logo Design

Designing a logo very carefully is very important as it is the front face of the brand. There are so many things one has to keep in mind while creating a logo for the brand. The logo should deliver its meaning properly so that it can help in brand awareness and deliver its right meaning. … Read more

The Most Famous Brand Logos

Which brand logo you love the most? Do you know any other detail about that logo and the company? If not, we will tell you about some very famous brands and their logos in detail. It is very important to know first of all what a logo is. Logos help brands to show unique identity … Read more

Why Colors Are Important In Logo Design

What is your favorite color? It may be yellow, red, blue, or any other color. Did you know that colors are a very important aspect of our lives? They are not only useful on the walls and the canvas, but they are also very important in our day-to-day schedules. Colors directly affect our psychology. It … Read more

What is startup logo design?

For any aggressive startup, a logo exhibits taking a stab at progress. At the point when you’re propelling another task, each little detail must be investigated. An organization symbol is in no way, shape or form a ‘little detail’! The logo constructs the early introduction of your business. Startup logos utilize realistic components and theoretical examples … Read more

Introduction to logo design

It sounds like the most basic of questions.Everyone knows what logo design is. We see logos every day. They surround usA logo is a symbol that gives a special  image to a brand, an individual, Company or Business. It is the means by which your image is distinguished with other brands.The logo design process is … Read more

How to select the colors for your logos

colors help individuals right away recognize the business the logo has a place with, the kind of goals the organization has, and the sort of crowd they take into account. This works in light of the fact that the hues are chosen based on these very inquiries. At the point when the architect is characterizing … Read more