The 6 different font styles for your logo design

a font style that’s rooted in ideas of heritage

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1. Serif font

serif textual styles convey sentiments of trust and decency, making them ideal for brand personalities that spin around power and loftiness.

Serif textual styles work best in "formal" circumstances. They're ideal for organizations who need to fabricate brand mindfulness, while showing their reliable nature. Regularly, serif types are perfect for budgetary organizations, scholastics, broadsheets, and articles.

Serif font example

  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia
  • Garamond


2. Slab serif font

slab serif textual styles are best utilized by organizations who need to have an effect available, either with an inventive new thought, or an instinctive item. They're much of the time utilized via vehicle and innovation brands who need to introduce trust in their clients, while flaunting some cutting edge innovativeness.

Slab serif font example

  • Courier
  • Rockwell
  • Museo

3. Sans serif font

he basic, yet successful nature of sans serif textual styles make them ideal for brands who need to put lucidity first when planning their organization logo. Regularly, you'll discover these typefaces on garments brands, innovation organizations, and organizations that are centered around "ground breaking" standards and brand purposes. 

Sans serif font example

  • Arial
  • Century Gothic
  • Helvetica

4. Script font

Script font  are presumably the ones well on the way to move enthusiastic and inventive thoughts. They're ideal for when you need to pass on feeling, history, or experience, and can be especially helpful for "visual" brands who need to flaunt their imaginative side. The key is to utilize content text styles with alert. While they look guileful and extravagant, they can likewise be hard to peruse in specific settings 

Script font example

  • Lucida Script
  • Lobster
  • Zapfino

5. Modern font

Modern font are utilized to pass on sentiments of selectiveness, insight, and style. In case you're planning to exhibit your image name such that is anything but difficult to peruse, and overflowing with present day flare, at that point this textual style type could be perfect for your image. It's awesome at drawing in the consideration of twenty to thirty year olds

 Modern font Example

  • Matchbook
  • Politica
  • Klavika

6. Display and decorative fonts

display or show text styles can be perfect for practically any business logo, since you can without much of a stretch pass on whatever character is directly for you. By tweaking, contorting, and calibrating your textual styles, you can show your business as being easygoing, immediate, fun, or special.

Display Font Examples

  • Jokerman
  • Bombing
  • Gigi


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